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Child Care Resources Inc. (CCRI) is the backbone organization for the region’s child care system - and building and sustaining a high-quality child care system is no simple matter.


Parents tend to be in their early earning years when their children are young. On top of other critical expenses, the cost of child care puts families in a financial squeeze. Therefore, child care programs cannot charge more than young families can afford if they want to stay in business. 


At the same time, it is expensive to operate child care to quality standards. Personnel costs alone account for 80% of the average program budget. Given what they can charge families, programs can’t afford to pay high salaries to their staff. As a result, wages and education levels are low, and turnover is high - making it more difficult to achieve and maintain quality child care.


But quality is key. All the research tells us that what happens in the first five years of life has a profound and lasting impact on children’s trajectory well into adulthood. Quality child care promotes children’s healthy development and well-being, while making it possible for their parents to work. 


CCRI’s work is about making this underfinanced system work better - for all who rely on it.